Now watch our short film #tresdancing. In the film, you’ll see what happens to Frankie when her math app and her love of dancing collide.

To take a deeper look into how the algorithm sees us, take a look at Cashing In: The Invisible Machine.

What kind of assumptions do you think EdTech algorithms would make about you? Why?  What data do you think they would use?

What kinds of questions should we be asking about the potential of EdTech to discriminate against particular students?

Check out Activity 3 in the workbook.

Next, read through our Imagination Primer [ENG / ESP / FR], and see how students we’ve worked with have created art to explore what they think about online surveillance and equality issues.

Now that you’ve seen how young people have used networked communication to pushback against discrimination, head back to the workbook for Activity 5.

As you learned in the video, Article 12 of the Convention gives you the right to express your own views about matters that affect you.  It also obligates adults working with the government (like teachers and privacy commissioners) to listen to your views.  And that’s just what we want to do during our Summit. 

You’re nearing the end. Before you go, head back to the workbook for Activity 6 to learn something about the policymakers joining you at the Summit on October 1st.