TFVA: Call for Chapters!

TFVA: Call for Chapters!

A new collection that focuses on international perspectives and experiences with tech-facilitated violence and abuse is looking for contributions.
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Privacy International has hosted a recording of a panel on Online abuse of Women for International Women’s Day chaired by eQuality’s Valerie Steeves.
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Discussion: R vs. Jarvis Decision

Discussion: R vs. Jarvis Decision

Following the release of the Supreme Court of Canada’s landmark case on voyeurism, The eQuality Project will co-host a discussion about the verdict.
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eQ's Collaborator Liisa Mäkinen Public Lecture

eQ's Collaborator Liisa Mäkinen Public Lecture

Professor from the University of Turku, and eQuality Project collaborator, Liisa Mäkinen will be presenting The eQuality Project Annual Lecture at 11:30 AM on February 6th, 2019!
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eQuality Art Exhibition

eQuality Art Exhibition

Exhibition grew out of two trans-national workshops, where young women from Canada and Puerto Rico and explored concepts of privacy, discrimination, and online violence.
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What's New

Cyberviolence: Criminal Case Law

This module is designed to address the question of how criminal law can response to technologically-facilitated violence. Prompted by the growing public awareness of issues such as cyberbullying, cybe...

Art Exchange Workshop

In 2018, eQuality Project researchers facilitated a pair of Art Exchange workshops with young artists to develop art-based responses to (in)equality issues in the networked environment, using art as a...

Disconnection Challenge

Want to participate in your own #DisconnectionChallenge? Follow the link here for our #DC Lesson Plan! The eQuality Project’s Valerie Steeves was approached by a group of eight teens working with Quee...

eQuality Lesson Plans

Here you will find the most recent eQuality Lesson Plans! These lesson plans are produced in partnership with the eQuality Project’s partner MediaSmarts, and serve as further opportunities for t...

eQuality Features

Research Projects

The eQuality Project is dedicated to the creation of new knowledge about young people’s use of networked spaces, with special emphasis of privacy and equality issues. Our research projects aim to high...
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Policy Interventions

Youth privacy continues to be digital policy issue, and the eQuality team is dedicated to the contributing to directly impacting policy-creation through the development and dissemination of new knowle...
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The eQuality Project’s resources fall under three categories: Research Projects, Policy Interventions, and School & Community Outreach. As a project, eQuality’s Research Projects aim t...
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The eQuality Project has created numerous media resources under the Project’s Research Projects, Policy Interventions, and School &Community Resources streams. by following the links, you wi...
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WeRobot comes to the University of Ottawa

By Suzie Dunn WeRobot is an annual interdisciplinary conference focused on legal and policy issues related to robotics and artificial intelligence. The inaugural WeRobot conference was hosted at th...

Its not me, its you. What happens when we break up with Facebook?

By Vanessa Ford Would you quit Facebook? For a week? For a month? Stanford University and New York University researchers recently asked this question when they enlisted nearly 3000 people over age...

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