Children First Canada Launching Young Canadians' Parliament

Children First Canada Launching Young Canadians' Parliament

It will focus on launching the YCP, and include thematic breakout sessions concerning mental health and youths' plans for summer 2020.
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Participants Reflect on #DisconnectChallenge

Participants Reflect on #DisconnectChallenge

Three participants in the ATA and eQuality's #DisconnectChallenge Alberta joined Edmonton AM's Mark Connolly to reflect upon their experiences with the Disconnect Challenge.
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eQ’s Valerie Steeves will be presenting The Chamberlain Lecture at York University on March 17th.
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Panel on Coronavirus, Human Rights, and Social Media at the University of Ottawa

Panel on Coronavirus, Human Rights, and Social Media at the University of Ottawa

A panel discussion focused on the the ways in which social media has been spreading misinformation about the corona virus, and the resulting increase in racism.
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Screening Surveillance Panel Now Online

Screening Surveillance Panel Now Online

In case you missed the Screening Surveillance panel on February 5th, the Centre for Law, Technology and Society has posted a video recording of the event.
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You Are What We Make You

The ever-increasing level of corporate surveillance of the networked environment is perhaps best highlighted by the use of algorithms that are designed to collate a vast amount data fro...

Art Exchange

With surveillance, harassment, and issues of inequality online seemingly ever on the rise, The eQuality Project sought to develop a platform that would allow young people to respond. In 2018, eQuality...

Cashing In: The Invisible Machine

Everything that is posted online on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook can be, and frequently is collected, sorted, and inserted into algorithms designed to sort ...

2018 – 2019 eQuality Annual Report

Here you will find the most recent eQuality Annual Report! The Report details our activities over the past year, such as: new research, presentations, outreach projects, educational modules, and work ...

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Research Projects

The eQuality Project is dedicated to the creation of new knowledge about young people’s use of networked spaces, with special emphasis of privacy and equality issues. Our research projects aim to high...
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Policy Interventions

Youth privacy continues to be digital policy issue, and the eQuality team is dedicated to the contributing to directly impacting policy-creation through the development and dissemination of new knowle...
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eQuality is dedicated to the creation of policy and educational outreach modules in order to better protect youth privacy in networked spaces. We work closely with our community and education partners...
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The eQuality Project has created numerous media resources under the Project’s Research Projects, Policy Interventions, and School &Community Resources streams. by following the links, you wi...
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By Vanessa Ford No stranger to controversy, TikTok has made headlines for being banned in India and for hosting content published by underage users in the UK. This time, US senators have labelled ...

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