The eQuality Project is dedicated to the creation of new knowledge about young people’s use of networked spaces, with special emphasis of privacy and equality issues. Our research projects aim to highlight pressing privacy and equality issues that today’s young people encounter including: behavioural marketing; online advertising; digital literacy; and, cyberviolence and harassment.

As a project, we’re committed to listening to young people and giving them a chance to articulate their own experiences and needs for better online policy and practice. We believe that by working closely with young people, we will be better placed not only to inform digital policies, but also to highlight young people’s online experiences in order to create new knowledge about privacy and equality issues in networked spaces.


Youth Perspectives on Privacy and Equality in Networked Spaces

  • Teens’ Privacy Decisions about Photos on Social Media
  • Teens’ Perspectives on Defamation
  • #DisconnectionChallenge
  • Global Kids Online
  • Me and My Google Shadow
  • User Perceptions of Sharing Photographs on Social Media

Young People, Big Data and the Networked Environment

  • Networked Playgrounds and Toys
  • The Networked Classroom
    • Big Data Teachers’ Perspectives on the Networked Classroom
    • Educational Software
    • School Surveillance, Young People and Social Media”
  • Big Data and Algorithmic Discrimination
  • Baiting Google

Law and Policy

  • Cyberbullying, Cyberharassment and Cyberviolence
    • Educational Responses
    • Surveillance and Equality Implications of Educational Policy Related to “Cyberbullying”
    • Criminal Law Responses
    • Technology Facilitated Violence
    • Civil Law Responses
  • Defamation
  • Privacy
  • Child Rights
  • Big Data and Algorithmic Discrimination


  • Intersectionality
  • Ethics and Social Media, and Youth

We worked with eQuality partner MediaSmarts on a project funded by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada that investigated the ways in which Canadian youth make decisions concerning personal data and reputational privacy through the selective sharing of images and videos on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

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In 2016 we completed a project with funding from the Law Commission of Ontario to explore Canadian Youth's attitudes towards defamation in the online environment. We received a ringing endorsement of the importance of privacy, as well as privacy protections to support the transparent management and protection of user’s privacy.

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eQuality Project’s Valerie Steeves was approached by a group of eight teens working with Queen’s researcher Valerie Michaelson, who were interested in exploring the impact of their own media use on their sense of connection to themselves, others, and nature. They decided to partake in a weeklong media fast, and created the #DisconnectionChallenge.

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The eQuality Project will launch the Canadian Kids Online Project in 2018 with collaboration from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC), and UNICEF Canada. It will focus on the online experiences of Canadian youth, as well as their knowledge of online privacy, and how that affects their online experiences.

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