2018 SKCA 94

In 2018 SKCA 94, Mr. C was sentenced to 11 years and 3 months incarceration after pleading guilty to sexual assault, sexual interference, making and possessing child pornography, and incest.

Mr. C had four children, two of whom were the complainants. He sexual abused his daughter, Ms. Z, from when she was 11 to 13 years and Ms. I from when she was 10 to 11 years old. He would digitally penetrate, have vaginal intercourse with, use dildos on, and request oral sex from Ms. Z. He would have her watch child and bestiality themed pornography. The sexual abuse included her once being tied up with a dog collar and having her legs and wrists bound prior to sexual intercourse. He also used sex toys on Ms. I and she was made to perform oral sex on Mr. C every week. He took naked photos of both of them, at his home and work, either simply nude or with sex toys in their vaginas. He was reported to the police when his wife found these photos and other child pornography on his computer under recently viewed files.

He has an extensive history of sexual offences against minors dating back three decades. Appeal of sentence by the Crown was dismissed.

Also see: 2017 SKQB 24 (sentencing).


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault