2018 NSSC 156

In 2018 NSSC 156, three men who were involved in a motorcycle club were accused of harassment, threatening to cause serious bodily harm, extortion, and intimidation committed in association with a criminal organization.

Mr. M tried to start a new motorcycle club. He spoke with Mr. J, who ran another motorcycle club, about bringing in a new chapter of a different club to Nova Scotia. Mr. J told him not to and demanded that Mr. M destroy any of the vests he had made associated with the new club and to bring him the remains. He also demanded that Mr. M never ride a motorcycle again and never to attend a motorcycle event in Nova Scotia. Mr. M and his wife sold their motorcycles as a result. Mr. J, Mr. P and Mr. H threatened, harassed and intimidated Mr. M during this time to discourage him from starting his motorcycle club. Part of the attacks against Mr. M happened over email and text, and Mr. M was required to post certain statements on Facebook about not starting up a new motorcycle club. All three men were convicted on all counts.

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Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment