2017 SKQB 327

vIn 2017 SKQB 327, Mr. L was 48 years old when he met Ms. R, who was 15 years old, while he was dating her mother for a short period after connecting on Plenty of Fish. Ms. R later turned to Mr. L when she lacked housing or money. Ms. R was friends with Ms. B, then 16 years old, and introduced Ms. B to Mr. L when she needed a ride from a party. Ms. B began living with Mr. L when she was kicked out of her home. She had a criminal record, drug and alcohol addictions, and a history of homelessness. Mr. L gave Ms. B a house key and facilitated her purchase of alcohol and drugs. He was naked around Ms. B and Ms. R frequently, required them to be naked, massaged Ms. B, joined her in the shower to touch her with his genitalia, and sexually assaulted her.

Mr. L fell into financial arrears supporting Ms. R and facilitated her violating her probation conditions. He denied all allegations and described his actions towards her as altruistic, trying only to help a “wayward youth”.

He was found guilty of sexual assault and sexual exploitation. He was sentenced to 4 years’ incarceration.

Note: Possessing and accessing child pornography are separate offences, and therefore posses-sion charges cannot be amended to accessing child pornography if original charge lacks sufficient evidence.

Also see: 2017 SKQB 185 (trial); 2017 SKQB 123 (directed verdict); 2017 SKQB 119 (amendment); 2017 SKQB 99 (Charter challenge); 2017 SKQB 53 (Charter challenge).


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault