2017 QCCQ 318

In 2017 QCCQ 318, Mr. T pled guilty to sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, sexual exploitation, criminal harassment, and using a forged document. Mr. T was married and has 2 children, with a career as a firefighter, emergency ambulance responder, and military police. In 2003, as a 37-year-old firefighter, Mr. T began a sexual relationship with the complainant, Ms. J, when she was 12 years old. She was taking the CPR course Mr. T taught at a local high school and Mr. T asked to exchange email addresses. He told her to hide the emails and not tell anyone.

After communication over email, when she is 13 years old, they meet up in person and he shows her his penis and asks for oral sex, which she refuses. They meet two more times, where he asks the same and she refuses, but eventually agrees to masturbate him. They begin to meet more frequently where he sexually touches her, and she gives him oral sex. When she is 14, she falls in love with him, posting pictures of him in her room, writing diary entries about him, and showing up at his work. They continue their relationship, and when she is 15, they have sexual intercourse without a condom and he ejaculates in her. At 16, she tells her mother they are dating and they begin to have sex regularly.

When she is 19 years old, she breaks up with him, but they continue having contact and sexual encounters. However, he does not take the breakup well and begins to physically stalk her. He also creates a fake Facebook account under a girl’s name to communicate with her and sends forged documents to Ms. J’s mother from Canada’s National Defense suggesting that Ms. J is bipolar. He harasses Ms. J by text message when he discovers she is dating someone else. Four years later, Ms. J files a complaint with the police.

Mr. T is sentenced to 29 months incarceration.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Exploitation