2014 QCCQ 12216

In 2017 PESC 34, Mr. A and Ms. M met at an AA meeting. They became friends and later be-came intimate. Mr. A had a history of harassment and began phoning, emailing and texting the complainant continuously once they became intimate. Mr. A sent 115 pages of 88 emails over a 10-day period that included bizarre, sexual, and threatening content. She contacted the police told Mr. A to stop communicating with Ms. A. He continued to text and email and would leave unwanted pamphlets on her property. He pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and was sentenced to one-year incarceration, three years’ probation, and additional orders including no contact with the victim, to participate in an electronic supervision program during probation, to inform his probation officer of any relationships he has with a female person, and a firearms prohibitions for life.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment