2017 ONSC 5698

In 2017 ONSC 5698, Mr. W, a drug dealer, was charged with assault, sexual assault and administering a stupefying substance to sexually assault his live-in girlfriend, Ms. H, as well as 14 other women.

Mr. W would drug the women with GHB or Ketamine, sexually assault them, and on several occasions he took what the court called “extremely graphic and disturbing images and videos” of the assaults. None recollected the sexual assaults. Ms. H was often present in the apartment. Mr. W physically and psychologically abused Ms. H. He severely beat her, leading to hospitalization and the loss of her pregnancy. During their relationship, she was expected to participate in Mr. W’s drugging and sexually assaulting women in their apartment. She filmed some of the assaults and would clean the women up and assure them nothing harmful happened to them. Women would come to their house to socialize or party and Mr. W would drug them. They were often unconscious or semi-conscious when the assaults occurred. He would some-times text them afterwards with sexual commentary or send a copy of select images.

He was found guilty of multiple counts of assault, sexual assault, resisting arrest, breaching his probation order, and administering a stupefying drug.

He was found not guilty of assault, theft, receiving financial benefit from sexual services, and receiving a financial benefit from human trafficking.

Also see: 2017 ONSC 1503 (Voir dire).


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault