2017 ONSC 1434

In 2017 ONSC 1434, Mr. C was charged with harassment, mischief, and a breach of his long-term supervision order. Ms. H, a 47-year-old woman, worked at a book company where Mr. C was hired as a seasonal employee. They began an intimate relationship, but she was his super-visor and was worried she would get in trouble at work if her employer found out. Mr. C had a history of criminal harassment and was obliged to report any relationship he had with a woman to his parole officer. He began leaving many messages and texts for her to contact his pa-role officer to tell him or her that the relationship was going well. He threatened to get her fired if she did not say positive things to his parole officer. Mr. C followed her places, texted her and accused her of being with other men if she didn’t reply immediately. He called her at work and came to her apartment where he poured water over her TV, Xbox and cable box. His texts and calls were continuous, she once received 29 texts and 14 calls in one day. His contact made Ms. H fearful.

Mr. C was convicted of criminal harassment, mischief to property and breach of his long-term supervision order. He was sentence to six years of incarceration, additional orders included a DNA order, Dangerous Offender designation, a long-term supervision order for 10 years, firearms prohibition, and a no contact order with Ms. H or her family.

Also see: 2017 ONSC 1434 (Trial for harassment, mischief, and extortion); 2014 ONSC 1778 (Trial for breach of long-term supervision s. 753.3(1))); 2013 ONSC 7291 (Application for publication ban).


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment