2017 ONCJ 377

In 2017 ONCJ 377, Mr. H was a school teacher at an elementary school, who later got promoted to a vice-principal at another school in the district. Over several months, Mr. H placed a hid-den a camera in the men’s washroom at the elementary school to capture images of his male colleagues using the bathroom. Mr. H would come to the school to visit colleagues and go into the bathroom and switch out the batteries and retrieve the images, which were used for sexual purposes. The court noted that he did not post the images on the internet and only filmed men. However, one day the camera was discovered by someone using the washroom who heard it making a beeping noise. Mr. H pleaded guilty to 9 counts of voyeurism and was sentenced to a 16-month conditional sentence served in the community, 8-months of house arrest, and 2- years’ probation, additional orders included a no contact order with the victims, an order to provide a DNA sample and a requirement to attend programming. The loss of his career, family and reputation were noted in the decision.

Criminal Offence(s): Voyeurism