2017 NSSC 292

In 2017 NSSC 292, the complainant, Ms. B, was dependent on drugs. Mr. R was exchanging drugs for sex with Ms. B and was also recording their sexual encounters on his home surveil-lance recordings. Mr. R had a home video recording system that utilized 16 cameras that recorded the inside and outside of his home 24 hours per day, including his master bedroom. 14-15 days’ worth of videos were found by the police. Ms. B stated that Mr. R threatened to show the video tapes of their sexual encounters to the police, and her child’s father and her mother-in-law if she did not continue on with the sexual relationship. She also claimed that he repeatedly contacted her and would drive outside of her home. Mr. R was charged with obtaining sexual services of Ms. B for consideration, intimidating Ms. B, trafficking drugs, harassing Ms. B by following her place to place, harassing Ms. B by repeatedly communicating with her, harassing her by watching her dwelling home, and attempting to extort Ms. B to engage in sexual activity.

There was evidence that Mr. R threatened to release the video tapes but there was no evidence of extortion for sexual favours and he was acquitted on that offence. There was also a lack of evidence on the harassment charges. The court found there was reasonable doubt for the intimidation, criminal harassment and extortion charges, which he was acquitted of. He was convicted of obtaining sexual services of Ms. B for consideration and drug trafficking.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment, Intimidation