2017 CanLII 32769 (NLPC)

In 2017 CanLII 32769 (NLPC), Mr. T could not accept that his relationship with Ms. H was over. For over one month, he continuously sent her text messages and drove by her residence. He called her 59 times in one day. The police had warned him not to contact Ms. H, but he sent an additional 19 messages after being warned. Ms. H made several complaints before Mr. T was eventually arrested and pleaded guilty to harassment. In sentencing him, the court noted the need to denounce harassment between spouses as individuals are entitled to end romantic relationships when they wish. However, Mr. T received a conditional sentence to be served in the community for five months as well as two years’ probation, additional orders included a no contact order for Ms. H and another person, a ten year weapons prohibition, and a DNA order.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment