2016 QCCQ 7602

In 2016 QCCQ 7602, Mr. S was convicted of child luring, inducing a person to prostitute them-selves, invitation of sexual touching, sexual touching, sexual assault, kidnapping, accessing and making child pornography.

He committed these offences against girls aged 12 to 16 across multiple Quebec cities. Generally, Mr. S would send a friend request over social media to young girls, presenting himself as a young adult. Under the guise of having just joined the platform, he would begin benign conversations and slowly include sexual content. He would eventually explain he was participating in a challenge with a friend to have a sexual relation with the youngest girl possible in order to win a large sum of money. If the girl did not want to participate, he would ask to be referred to a friend. He used a variety of usernames and associated email addresses. Some conversations led to meet ups where there was sexual touching or sexual intercourse, some of which was consensual and some of which was not.

He was also searching online for oral sex services being offered in local secondary schools for five dollars and had child pornography images in his cache. This content was flagged by the police, but Mr. S claimed he was doing research into a “social phenomena” and was trying to catch pedophiles online. He also claimed to have offered two girls money in exchange for sex as part of the same study, even though he actually did have sex with them.

He admitted to contacting up to 20 minors online. Ms. Y, who was 12 years old and in foster care, met up with him after being offered $1,200 for a sexual interaction. Even though she did not want to go through with it, he parked in the woods, touched her, and forced her to give him oral sex and touch him. He did not give her any money.

He had a similar interaction with Ms. D, who is 15 years old, in which he had aggressive sex with her, performed oral sex on her, and ejaculated on her stomach. Again, he did not give her the money she was promised. Ms. I, a 13-year-old girl, went to his apartment, was not allowed to leave, and was violently raped by Mr. S. She was also not given any money. He contacted Ms. I’s younger sister, Ms. T, and they had sexual encounters 4-5 times for which he paid her small sums of money or provided her with alcohol. These encounters sometimes also involved Ms. T’s friend, Ms. K, and Ms. T’s younger sister, Ms. L. Some complainants report being offered up to $4,000.

Mr. S was 23-25 years old during the commission of the offences and served in Afghanistan as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mr. S was found guilty of 47 of the 52 offences with which he was charged.

He was sentenced to 9 years’ incarceration.

Also see: 2015 QCCQ 4509.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault