2016 QCCQ 6167

In 2016 QCCQ 6167 Mr. DG pleaded guilty and was convicted of incest, sexual abuse, and the non-consensual distribution of an intimate image of his 8-year-old daughter while he had custody of her on the weekends. He also admitted to taking and sharing an intimate photograph of a woman, Ms. Y. Following a joint submission by counsel, the Court sentenced DG to 14-years imprisonment for the offences against his daughter and 6-months for the intimate images of-fence against Y. The ancillary orders made against DG including requirements to provide a DNA sample and to comply with the Sex Offender Registry, and prohibitions on direct or indirect contact with the victims and possession of firearms.

[1] At para 14-15.


Criminal Offence(s): Invitation to Sexual Touching, Non-Consensual Distribution of Intimate Images