2016 ONSC 5915

In 2016 ONSC 5915, Mr. D, a 58 year old man, was charged with 13 offences including exercising control over young person, receiving proceeds of crime, living on avails of prostitution, procuring young person to become prostitute, possession of child pornography, uttering death threats, possession, possession for purpose of trafficking, and firearms offences. Mr. D allegedly coerced a 17-year-old girl to provide sexual services for money, advertised her sexual services online, and pointed a firearm at her. Several court appearances occurred relating to the admissibility of evidence and the accused Charter rights.

Mr. D was acquitted on the charge of trafficking, but was convicted for drug possession and possession for the purposes of trafficking.

Also see: 2017 ONSC 4380 (sentencing); 2016 ONSC 5855 (Charter rights), 2016 ONSC 4294 (Expert evidence), 2016 ONSC 4293 (Charter rights), 2016 ONSC 2749 (Charter rights), 2016 ONSC 777 (Joint or separate trial).


Criminal Offence(s): Human Trafficking and Advertising Sexual Services