2016 ONSC 2154

In 2016 ONSC 2154, 54-year-old Mr. B was found guilty of criminal harassment after sending repeated text messages to a woman he had an affair with, Ms H, after she ended the affair. In one message, he threatened to go “Rambo” on the victim, and then said he was on his way to her house. He also left a disturbing message on her voice mail and repeatedly texted her. Ms. H also alleged that he had non-consensual sexual contact with her, but Mr. B was acquitted of that charge. Mr. B received a suspended sentence and was put on probation for 18 months, additional orders included a DNA order, a 10-year weapons prohibition, a no contact order and an order to keep distance from Ms. H. The Court rejected defence counsel’s request for a conditional discharge, noting the seriousness of the “Rambo” threat. It noted that “Relationship partners like [Ms. H] deserve to be listened to when they say that it is over. Persistent harassment of a partner is simply inexcusable.”[1]

Also see: 2016 ONSC 594 (Trial).

[1] 2014 ONCA 324 at para 25.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment