[2016] OJ No 7196 (ONCJ) 24

In [2016] OJ No 7196 (ONCJ), Mr. L pleaded guilty to three counts of non-consensual distribution of intimate images. There were three complainants, all of whom had previous romantic or sexual relationships with Mr. L. The first victim, Ms. P dated Mr. L who surreptitiously recorded sexual activities Ms. P performed over Skype after Mr. L threatened to expose their relationship to her boyfriend unless she did so. Ms. P later learned of the videos, which she asked Mr. L to delete and he said he would. He did not and five years later he contacted Ms. P and threatened to post the videos unless she dated him again. Ms. P called the police who cautioned Mr. L to delete the video. Several months later the video appeared on a pornography site using a ver-sion of Ms. P’s name. Ms. P was devastated and faced long term consequences from the post-ing. She informed the police of the posting.

The second victim, Ms. SL dated Mr. L and had sexual video chats with him which he recorded without her consent. After the relationship ended, he threatened to show the videos to her family. After their relationship ended, Ms. SL saw a news report regarding Mr. L posting Ms. P’s videos online. She then searched her name and discovered two intimate videos of her on two pornography websites, one of which agreed to take the video down, the other did not.

The third victim, Ms. W met Mr. L and filmed an intimate act together that was meant to be kept private. After they broke up he threatened to post the video. Ms. W said she would charge him if he did but Mr. L posted the video with Ms. W’s name attached to it.

He was sentenced to 12 months of imprisonment, 2 years of probation and was ordered to give a DNA sample.


Criminal Offence(s): Non-Consensual Sharing of Intimate Images