2016 NSSC 158

In 2016 NSSC 158, Mr. M, who was 61 years old at trial, was convicted of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching in regards to his neighbour’s child, Ms. T, who was friends with his daughter. An additional charge of sexual assault was stayed under the Kienapple principle.

The abuse occurred over several years from when Ms. T was seven or eight years old until she was 13 years old. Mr. M would sexually abuse Ms. T when she slept over at his house while visiting his daughter and when she dropped off his newspaper while on her paper route. Mr. M was in contact with Ms. T via social media, including MSN messenger and Facebook, where they discussed their sexual “secrets”, he made sexual comments to her, admitted what he did to her was wrong, told her not to share their messages, and told her not to let anyone else use her phone. They communicated for several years after the abuse stopped and he asked about the negative impacts of the abuse on Ms. T during that time.

He was sentenced to two years’ less one day incarceration and two years’ probation. Additional orders included a DNA order, a 10-year firearms ban, and a lifetime registration as a sex of-fender. Additional orders included a 10 years’ weapons ban, a DNA order and a lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Also see: 2015 NSSC 312 (Trial).


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault