2016 MBQB 130

In 2016 MBQB 130, Mr. V, a 25-year-old man, was convicted of sexual interference and luring, and a stay of proceedings was entered for a sexual assault charge.

Mr. V was a friend of the complainant’s mother. The complainant was a 13 years old girl. Mr. V communicated with the girl online and their conversations led to an incident in the back of Mr. V’s truck where he kissed the girl and touched her breast. The complainant stated that she was physically resisting his advancements and eventually left. The incident had a significant impact on the girl and she threatened suicide, engaged in self-harm following the incident, and has become more socially isolated.

Mr. V was sentenced to two years less a day incarceration and two years’ probation. Additional orders included a DNA test, a 20-year registration as a sex offender, a 10-year firearms ban, a no contact order with the complainant, and a 10 year limitation on using social media sites to communicate with underage persons.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Assault