2016 BCPC 50

In 2016 BCPC 50, Mr. P, a 37-year-old man, pleaded guilty to harassment, obstruction of justice, stealing personal property, assault a police officer and breaching his curfew.

Mr. P was in a long-term relationship with Ms. A, who was the mother of their seven children. He had a history of convictions and had conditions not to contact Ms. A. While in custody, Mr. P called Ms. A 60 times using another inmates phone card to mask the calls. When he was out of jail he would call her from a private number, trying to convince her to drop the charge. He also called her sister. In another attempt to convince her to drop the charges he entered her home and locked himself in her bedroom. He would make veiled threats that frightened her, send her letters, and call her even though she communicated that she did not want contact with him. He pleaded guilty to harassing Ms. A and attempting to obstruct justice.

Unrelated to Ms. A, he also broke into a band’s tour bus and stole some electronic equipment, failed to meet his curfew, and fled from the police when they tried to arrest him.

He was sentenced to 22 months and 21 days of incarceration, three years of probation and additional orders including a lifetime firearms prohibition, a DNA order, a no contact order with the victim, and an order to not attend a school, residence or workplace of the victim.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment