2015 NJ No 405

In 2015 NJ No 405, Mr. D was sentenced on his conviction for possession of child pornography. The National Child Exploitation Canadian Centre reported that a known child pornography image had been uploaded to IMGUR (an online photo sharing service) from an IP address that came back to a public library in Marystown Newfoundland. The RCMP tracked down the email associated with the upload and arrested Mr. D, who had admitted to possession of a large collection of child pornography on all his digital devices and through his KIK online chat profile. Police found 2595 images of child pornography, 29 videos of child pornography, and conversations in which J confirmed his sexual preference for female children on the devices seized from J. The images included both real children being abused and anime or cartoon images of child sexual abuse.

Ultimately, D was sentenced to 406-days imprisonment, followed by 2-years and several ancillary orders, including a prohibition on attending places where persons under 16 are present, and orders to provide a DNA sample and to comply with the Sex Offender Registry.[1]

[1] The Court declined to view the seized child pornography in open court, claiming that doing so would not only exacerbate the crime but give the defendant the impression that the offence is not as serious as it is. The Court writes that, “[a]fter all, he [defendant] might reason, if it was put on public display in the courtroom, then what was wrong with him watching it on his computer?”


Criminal Offence(s): Child Pornography Offences