2015 CanLII 14186 (NLPC)

In 2015 CanLII 14186 (NLPC), Mr. A, a 54 year old man, had befriended Ms. M after she separated from her husband. Mr. A wanted a romantic relationship but Ms. M did not. He called her multiple times and she did not answer. Her friend, Mr. F, answered one of his calls and Mr. A arrived at Ms. M’s home intoxicated and Ms. M said she did not want to see him. Mr. A said unkind things to Ms. M and punched her in the face and chest after Ms. A slapped the top of his head. He was released on an undertaking and ordered not to contact Ms. M. Mr. A called her and contacted her after this order. Ms. M said he ranted, said he was suicidal, threatened her and her children and said she “will get what’s coming to her”.

He was sentenced to 12 months’ less one day incarceration and three years’ probation for breach of undertaking, criminal harassment and assault. Additional orders included a 10-year weapons ban, a DNA order, and a no contact order with Ms. M.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment