2015 BCPC 224

In 2015 BCPC 224, Mr. DM was charged with three counts of sexual offences, all against several women under the age of 16. DM infiltrated a group of young people who hung out at a nearby train station, and sometimes supplied then with alcohol and narcotics. At this time, he had owned a pornography business which operated a website specializing in the uploading of images of young girls having sex or performing sexual acts before a camera. He had offered money and fake identification in exchange for performing sexual acts on camera to several young females in the group, all of who declined. He also had intercourse with two underage girls in the group on two separate occasions, after having consumed drugs and alcohol together.

No victim impact statements were provided to the Court in the course of
sentencing, but the Court concluded it could reasonably infer that the adverse impact of DM’s offences against the victims has been considerable. The Court did not take his offences nor the nature of DM’s business lightly, stating: “…in every sense, he viewed his victims as commodities, depersonalizing them and subordinating their humanity and their dignity to his business interests and to his own unworthy urges.” His prior criminal record was an aggravating factor in sentencing, whiles his admission of guilt received neutral treatment as it was not delivered until the day of the preliminary hearing. DM was ultimately sentenced to four years and four months’ imprisonment with a number of ancillary orders, reduced to 18.5 months given time spent in pre-trial custody.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Interference