[2015] 370 Nfld & PEIR 235 (NLPC)

In [2015] 370 Nfld & PEIR 235 (NLPC), Mr. H, a 58-year-old man, contacted his former spouse, Ms. H contrary to an undertaking. Mr. H’s doctor said that he was depressed and suicidal after the separation. Mr. H began making harassing and repeated phone calls to Ms. H’s home and workplace. At one point he had left 20 messages on her voicemail. The calls were sometimes nasty and other times apologetic. He was arrested and released on an undertaking not to con-tact Ms. H. He then sent her an email with their marriage certificate and spoke with her in the parking lot at her workplace.

He was charged and pleaded guilty to breaching his undertaking and harassing communication.

Mr. H was given a conditional discharge, 12 months’ probation and additional orders that included a no contact order with Ms. H, an order to refrain from entering her workplace, an order to make a $100 donation to a food bank and to pay a $100 victim surcharge fee.


Criminal Offence(s): Harassing Communications