2014 ONSC 7347

In 2014 ONSC 7347, several men kidnapped Ms. B. They took her to a basement where they took off her blouse and took semi-nude photos of her to use for extortion purposes. They then tied her to a bed and physically and sexually abused her. Her kidnappers forced her to provide them with her bank cards and pin codes, and threatened her family for more money. Someone called 911 and she was discovered. Two of the accused were convicted and the other was acquitted.

Also see: 2016 ONCA 108 (Appeal on costs); 2015 ONSC 6823 (Application for a mistrial); 2015 ONSC 6312 (Ruling on s. 8 and s. 10(b)Charter violations); (Ruling on s. 24(2) application); (Application for an order prohibiting cross-examination on prior record); (Application for a voir dire); 2015 ONSC 7261 (Application to lead statements); 2014 ONSC 7347 (Application for stay of proceedings based on Charter violation); 2014 ONSC 6512 (Application to adduce evidence of a third party suspect); 2014 ONSC 6511 (Application to exclude photographs and to edit statements); 2015 ONSC 6345 (Admissibility of statements); 2014 ONSC 7095 (Reasonable expectation of privacy); 2014 ONSC 2848 (Costs); 2014 ONSC 897 (Stay or proceedings); 2014 ONSC 369 (Application to edit oral statements); 2013 ONSC 7893 (Admissibility of statements and Charter applications); 2013 ONSC 7310 (Admissibility of statements).


Criminal Offence(s): Extortion