2014 ONSC 3794

In 2014 ONSC 3794,  Mr. D, was convicted of luring, child pornography, sexual interference and other offences.

Mr. D, a 35-year old self-diagnosed hebephile and former theatre director, used various social media platforms to contact, groom, and exchange sexually explicit photos and conversations with children aged 12-15 that he met through his theatre work. Mr. D exchanged sexually explicit instant messages and photographs with three teenaged boys and girls. He also videotaped a former adult girlfriend during sex, without her knowledge or consent.

He was charged with 29 different counts, all of which dealt with some area of sexual exploitation. He pleaded guilty to 12 of these counts (sexual assault, sexual interference, luring, making child pornography, possessing child pornography, and mischief) and was subsequently convicted. There were six named child victims and two unnamed victims. His interactions included sexual touching, intercourse, sexual chats, and sexual images.

The Court imposed a 7-year and 7-month global sentence. He was also given a five year long-term supervision order that limited his interactions with children under the age of sixteen and limited his use of computers and other devices to using the internet for business and research purposes at his place of employment.

Also see: 2014 ONSC 3281 (Opinion evidence).

Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Interference, Sexual Assault