2014 ONCJ 736

2014 ONCJ 736, was a preliminary inquiry for Mr. B and Mr. R’s 41 weapons, trafficking and prostitution charges. Mr. R allegedly told Ms. M she had to engage in providing sexual services for money to pay for the hotel they were staying in with her friend, Ms. P, or she had to leave. Ms. M allegedly had nowhere else to live, so Mr. R used her phone to take sexualized photos of her and created a Backpage website to advertise her sexual services. Ms. M allegedly had no say in the detail of the ads, which services were offered and what sum would be paid for those services. He also made a Backpage ad and a Plenty of Fish profile for Ms. P for the purposes of offering sexual services. During this time, Mr. R allegedly took Ms. M’s only piece of identification, kept all of the money they earned, assaulted other women, and threaten Ms. M and Ms. P. There allegedly were guns in the hotel rooms. Mr. B was allegedly involved in the activities by assisting with renting the rooms used to provide sexual services. Mr. B had a third woman involved in providing sexual services for money. He helped Ms. B take photos for her online sexual services advertisement. He took her identification, threatened to harm her and her possessions. There was sufficient evidence for Mr. R and Mr. B to stand trial on the majority of the prostitution, trafficking charges and firearms charges. We did not locate a trial or sentencing decision for this case.


Criminal Offence(s): Human Trafficking and Advertising Sexual Services