2014 ABPC 173

In 2014 ABPC 173, 27-year-old Mr. A pretended to be 20 years old on Nexopia. He met his underage victim online, and they had sex. They began seeing each other more, and when she wanted to break up with him, he threatened to share a surreptitiously recorded video of them having sex in his car. At trial, A denied having taken a video, and told the Court that he later recanted his threats to the victim.

Noting that A did not believe that the victim was over 16, the Court found him guilty of sexual interference with a minor. In 2015 ABPC 167 Mr. A was sentenced to 42-months imprisonment (which was reduced by pre-sentence custody), along with several ancillary orders including prohibitions on possession of firearms and attending places where persons under 16 are present, an order to provide a DNA sample, and an order to comply with the Sexual Offender Information Registry Act.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Interference