2013 QCCQ 13361

In 2013 QCCQ 13361, Mr. P, a local restaurant owner, was found guilty of sexually exploiting and sexually assaulting his 17-year-old worker, Ms. M. Over the course of many months where Ms. M worked part-time, Mr. P touched her inappropriately at work, forcibly kissed her, and threatened that she would never be able to find another employment if she told anyone or quit. When she began working full-time, he would send her many text messages which included kissing face emojis. If she did not answer, he would begin harassing her through text. The final incident occurred when Mr. P and Ms. M were alone at work where he sexually assaulted her. Afterwards he texts Ms. M, which her friend sees and reports to her mother.

He was acquitted of criminal harassment charges and the sexual assault conviction was conditionally stayed. For the conviction of sexual exploitation, Mr. P was sentenced to 10 months incarceration.

See 2014 QCCQ 13471 (sentencing) and 2017 QCCA 1767; 2017 QCCA 1768 (appeal).


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Exploitation