2012 SKQB 507

In 2012 SKQB 507, Mr. B applied to extend his time to appeal his conviction and sentence. He had pleaded guilty to assault, breach of probation, and harassing phone calls, among other things and had been given an 18 months’ conditional sentence and 12 months’ probation. He had conditions not to contact his ex, Ms. M, however he contacted her, communicated with her, called her and attended her residence. He did not deny that he applied force to his ex or that he repeatedly called or contacted her, but he claimed he was the victim in the relationship. He claimed that Ms. S exaggerated the assaults and initiated contact with him, and that he only pleaded guilty to get out of jail. The court granted Mr. B’s application to extend his time to appeal and his convictions.


Criminal Offence(s): Harassing Communications