2012 NSSC 408

In 2012 NSSC 408, Mr. S, a 49-year-old man, was accused of breaking and entering into two separate apartments less than one kilometer apart. He has a lengthy criminal record of similar offences. On both occasions, young women woke up with a man standing in their room. A cell phone was found in one of the homes, which was associated with Mr. S. Upon searching his house, the police found video tapes of two young women being surreptitiously filmed in their homes (not the women from the apartments) but did not find evidence of any recording equipment or equipment to play the video. He was found guilty of break and enter, but not on the counts of voyeurism.

Mr. S was sentenced to 5 years’ incarceration; additional orders included a DNA order.

Also see: 2013 NSSC 86 (Sentencing).


Criminal Offence(s): Voyeurism