2011 SKCA 2

In 2011 SKCA 2, Mr. M appeal his sentence imposed on a conviction for criminal harassment and mischief. He was in his 30s, Indigenous, and struggled with drug addiction. Mr. M had rekindled a romantic relationship while out on statutory release for another conviction. It ended after a few months and Mr. M struggled with accepting the break up. He called her numerous times. She left his belongings out front of her home so he did not need to come into her house, which he responded to by kicking open her back door. He left after she called the police. Four days later, he used his car to block her car from leaving the parking lot and demanded she re-turn his things. When she returned them, he asked her for a kiss. When she refused, he ripped the window out of her car door. She took her phone to call the police but he smashed it before she could. Following the confrontation, he continued to call her home and work up to 60 times a day, waited outside her home and work, and sent her emails with photos of him pointing a handgun at his own head, threatening her with his own suicide. He had over 80 previous convictions, including violent offences against this same woman. Appeal dismissed.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment