2011 QCCA 6888

In 2011 QCCA 6888, Mr. G was found guilty of voyeurism for filming a very young girl using the bathroom. A police search of Mr. G’s home resulted in the discovery of 175 different videos and 10 photographs containing child pornography. One video showed Mr. G installing a camera in a public washroom, which captured the image of an eight-year-old girl urinating. Mr. G was found guilty of making and possessing child pornography. He was also found guilty of breaching his recognizance, which included a court order to keep good behaviour when he yelled at two young girls, aged 12 and 14, demanding that they show him their breasts and vagina.

On appeal, the court reduced his sentence to 18-months’ incarceration and 3-years’ probation. Additional orders included limitations on being in the presence of minors, and a prohibition form owning devices that could access the Internet, take photographs or film.

Also see: 2011 QCCA 2387 (Appeal), 2011 QCCA 1398 (Appeal), 2011 QCCQ 991 (Evidence).

Criminal Offence(s): Voyeurism