2011 ABPC 116

In 2011 ABPC 116, Mr. E, a 39-year-old American business man, created a false email account in an attempt to extort money out of Mr. AB who worked for an American hockey team. Mr. E sent emails to Mr. AB demanding money and hockey memorabilia or else he would sell his story and the accompanying video and audio footage to the media. He claimed to have evidence of Mr. AB using an escort while on the road with his job and sent emails claiming this to Mr. AB, his wife, and his employer stating so. Mr. AB’s victim impact statement said that “I was a victim of daily threats against me. During this time, I went through emotional hardship, sleepless nights, and the embarrassment of e-mails sent by the accused to co-workers in which I was employed. […] The greatest effect this crime has had in my life is the end result of losing employment.”[1] The police were able to track Mr. E down through the IP address and bank account he was using during the incidents.

He was sentenced to 10 months’ incarceration.

[1] 2011 ABPC 116 at paras 14-15.


Criminal Offence(s): Extortion