2010 MBPC 9

In 2010 MBPC 9, Mr. S, a 20-year-old man, was diagnosed with having a cognitive disability including personality disorders and multiple deviant sexual practices, including sexual sadism. He paid two women for sexual services on separate occasions. He tried to push one into a river and the other he tried to strangle with a shoe lace. He also made harassing phone calls to a female defence lawyer who he had never met. He had got her number from a fellow inmate. He called her 50 times and hung up, and left seven voicemails with sexually suggestive messages, claiming he loved her, that he had some of her underwear, and in one call he whipped a belt in the background. He had a previous conviction of harassing calls.

He pleaded guilty to assault, assault with a weapon, and harassing communication. Mr. S was sentenced to 9 months’ imprisonment. Additional orders included providing a DNA sample, a weapons prohibition for life and a 20-year registry on the sexual offenders’ registration.

An application to declare him a dangerous offender was dismissed, but he was designated as a long-term offender.


Criminal Offence(s): Harassing Communications