2010 BCPC 475

In 2010 BCPC 475, 59-year-old Mr. C pleaded guilty to voyeurism after videotaping his 13-year- old granddaughter using the shower in his hotel room. Mr. C hid the small camera in the bot-tom of his shaving bag.

In her impact statement, the child victim told the court that, “her self-confidence has been shattered in an unfixable way and the breach of trust has strained her relationship between her and her father’s side of the family.”[1] Nonetheless, noting that Mr. C was genuinely remorseful, that psychological reports suggested he was at low risk of reoffending, and that a criminal record would make it difficult for him to work, the court granted Mr. C a conditional discharge with 3-years’ probation.

Also see: 2010 BCPC 470 (Sentencing).

[1] 2010 BCPC 475 at 16.


Criminal Offence(s): Voyeurism