2007 MBCA 69

In 2007 MBCA 69, Mr. H met a woman in a bar and asked her out on a date. After the coffee date she told him she was not interested in further dates. Despite her telling him she did not want to be in contact with him, he repeatedly communicated with her sending her gifts, going to her workplace uninvited, phoning her, sending her letters, telling her he loved her, threaten-ing to “ruin her life” and communicating with her as though they were in a relationship. She told him directly, indirectly through friends and through the police that she did not want to communicate with him and made safety plans with her parents due to his harassment. This continued for almost four years. He was found guilty of harassment. He was sentenced to two years less a day served in community, probation three years, including orders to follow a cur-few, no contact with complainant or witnesses, must keep distance from complainant’s home and work, and a 10-year weapons prohibition (lifetime for restricted weapons).

Mr. H later had another similar charge where after two dates with a woman he proceeded with unwanted communication over a several years (See: 2016 MBCA 171).

Also see: 2006 CarswellMan 493 (MBQB) (Trial); 2014 MBQB 213 (Motion for disclosure); 2017 MBCA 1 (Appeal of denied motion for disclosure); 2012 MBQB 260 (Vacating protection order).


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment