2006 BCCA 100

In 2006 BCCA 100, the court of appeal affirmed Mr. B’s conviction of criminal harassment and assault.

In this case Mr. B, a software developer, had been abusive to his wife for most of their 17-year marriage. After separating from her husband, posting an online dating profile, and beginning to date another man, Mr. B began making harassing calls on her cell phone and at her work several times a day, threatening to harm her, her possessions and her new boyfriend. Mr. B acknowledged that he hacked her computer at one point. One day, he called her to tell her to turn on the television where the news was showing a story about men who killed their families and their selves and told her he had been nice up until this time, but now he was going to start taking action. On another occasion he pushed into her home, grabbed her and spat in her face, threatening to destroy her property. Other times he would drive to her property. He was convicted of criminal harassment and assault.

Also see: [2004], 2004 CarswellBC 3662 (BCSC) (Summary conviction appeal); 2003 CarswellBC 3784 (BCPC) (Trial decision).


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment