2006 ABCA 168

In 2006 ABCA 168, Mr. S harassed three complainants who were his ex-girlfriends over a three-year period. He would leave messages on their answering machines or voicemail. He called Ms. M over 300 times, Ms. K 88 times and Ms. B 340 times at home and at work making de-meaning and obscene comments. Mr. S also assaulted the three women and threatened to kill them, including assaulting and uttering threats to Ms. M when she had a peace bond in place that ordered he not contact her. One of the women had to move due to her fear of Mr. S and one or two of them lost their jobs due to Mr. S’ unwanted visits to their workplace.

He was found guilty of harassment, breach of recognizance, and a breach of an undertaking to not contact Ms. M and to keep his distance from her address. He was sentenced to 45 months of incarceration, and additional orders including a weapons prohibition. An appeal of that sentence was dismissed.

Also see: [2005] AJ No 1409 (ABQB).


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment