[2005] OJ No 4602 (ONCJ)

In [2005] OJ No 4602 (ONCJ), Ms. L was convicted of harassing her former colleague and friend, Ms. B. Ms. L made calls to Ms. B using vile and obscene language. She claimed to have a lawful reason for the calls, asking for a dress to be returned, and only became upset when she was hung up on and when Ms. B asked her to introduce her to a man who was already in a relationship. However, the 26 calls over a 3-day period were verbally abusive and many calls had no reference to the dress. Ms. B told her to stop calling her and began to record the unwanted calls.

Ms. L was found guilty of making the harassing calls.

Also see: [2007] SCCA No 530 (Appeal, leave to appeal dismissed)


Criminal Offence(s): Harassing Communications