2005 CarswellOnt 10565 (ONCJ)

In 2005 CarswellOnt 10565 (ONCJ), Mr. S and Ms. S were caregivers to a 32 year old man with a severe handicap. They cared for him in their home full time. A guest in their home discovered a videotape of them engaging sexually infront of him and asking him to touch Ms. S’ buttocks. They plead guilty to the exploitation of a person with a disability and were sentenced to a conditional sentence for 12 months and 12 months’ of probation. Additional orders included a DNA order, registration as a sexual offender for 10 years, a no contact order with the victim and his family and a prohibition from being in the company of any mentally or physically handicapped person without the presence of a responsible adult.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Exploitation of a Person with a Disability