2005 BCPC 288

In 2005 BCPC 288, Mr. P was charged with criminal harassment and public mischief for making false statements to the police. The two had separated and were engaged in a Family Court proceeding related to their daughter. The court had ordered that Ms. K provide Mr. P with phone access to his daughter three times per day. Mr. P called 911 several times and the Ministry of Family and Child Services, accusing Ms. K of child abuse, that caused the police to go to Ms. K’s home. The court acquitted Mr. P. It was not satisfied that Mr. P intended to harass Ms. K or that she reasonably feared for her safety.

Mr. P had previously been convicted of harassment and had been ordered not to contact Ms. K other than as required by the Family Law Court order to facilitate contact between Mr. P and their daughter. He had called Ms. K 100-150 times in two hours and later breached to the no contact order. He had a previous history of physically abusing Ms. K.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment