2003 BCCA 47

In 2003 BCCA 47, Mr. E was convicted of sexual exploitation and his appeal of the conviction was dismissed. He was a dance teacher in his 20s at a local high school who successfully seduced a 14-year-old girl. He would call her home every day, do her favors and give her gifts, lie about his marital status, and travel alone with her to another city under the guise of a group dance trip. They had consensual sex on various occasions over 4-5 months.

He was found guilty due to his position of trust in relation to the girl, given the age difference, his role as an instructor, that he was employed by a municipal program, the program was hosted at her high school, he led her to confide in him, and he developed their relationship inappropriately given his role in her life.

He was successful in appealing his sentence and was granted a conditional sentence.

See also: 2003 BCCA 214.


Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Exploitation