2002 ABPC 137

In 2002 ABPC 137 Mr. F, a 36-year-old man, pleaded guilty to the possession of stolen property, harassing phone calls, and criminal harassment. Mr. F would attend open houses in to steal women’s underwear. After stealing the undergarments, Mr. F anonymously called 13 of the women whose underwear he stole. One woman received around 25 calls where Mr. F told her he knew her, wanted to see her in the underwear he stole no matter what it took, and made comments about his genitals and a desire for sexual relations with her. When Mr. F was arrested, the police discovered the undergarments and Mr. F admitted his involvement to the police.

Upon sentencing, the court took Mr. F’s disgrace and humiliation into account, as well as the media attention garnered about Mr. F’s conduct. Mr. F attempted suicide after being charged. However, a suspended sentence was not considered appropriate. He was sentenced to 6 months’ incarceration and 12 months’ probation, ancillary orders included donating $1,000 to a charity for women, an alcohol prohibition, some financial restitution to some of the victims, and a no contact order with the 13 victims.


Criminal Offence(s): Criminal HarassmentHarassing Communications