[2002] 57 WCB (2d) 234 (BCPC)

In [2002] 57 WCB (2d) 234 (BCPC), Mr. N pleaded guilty to willfully promoting hatred against Jewish, Asian, Black, non-white and persons of mixed race or ethnic origin. Mr. N was a member of the KKK and Knight Rider and the New Order of Knights, in which he had a leadership role and recruited new members. He engaged in extensive private and public communications using the internet to communicate with other members that contained offensive and repugnant content. He was convicted of willfully promoting hatred on the material that was published publicly on bulletin boards and webpages. He was sentenced to a one-year conditional sentence and one year of probation, as well as a prohibition from using any device capable of accessing the internet and being in contact with white supremacist organizations during his custodial sentence and probation. He had previously been sentenced to a nine-month custodial sentence for weapons offences in which his role in white supremacist groups was considered an aggravating factor in the sentencing of that case, which factored into the decision to order a conditional sentence rather than a custodial one in this case.


Criminal Offence(s): Hate Propaganda