2001 SKQB 298

In 2001 SKQB 298, Ms. K was convicted of harassing Ms. LK. Ms. LK and several other women had been receiving hang up calls from the same pay phone number. During one of the calls Ms. LK and her boyfriend ran to the pay phone and found Ms. K inserting coins, dialing numbers and hanging up. They confronted her about the calls, but she denied she was making harassing calls. Several women in the area were receiving similar calls, all of whom knew a man named Mr. B. The court held that there was sufficient evidence to make a reasonable inference that Ms. K was making the calls. Ms. K had lived with Mr. B but they were no longer living together and claimed to have also received the calls. But the times she claimed to have received the calls, did not match up with the times that other women were receiving the calls. There was evidence she had been tracking Mr. B and his movements.

Ms. K appealed the conviction, but it was dismissed.


Criminal Offence(s): Harassing Communications