[2001] OJ No 2053

In [2001] OJ No 2053 (ONCJ), Mr. L distributed explicit videotapes of his ex-girlfriend to her neighbours, together with a letter, supposedly from her, offering sexual favours. He also slashed her tires, attempted to burn down her family cottage, and made hundreds of anonymous phone calls to her home and office. In one anonymous call, Mr. L had his new girlfriend recite the addresses of the victim’s friends and relatives, likely in an effort to intimidate her.

When L was arrested, police found that he was carrying his passport, Canadian and American money, and a black leather organizer containing lists of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of his ex-girlfriend’s friends and relatives. The Court found that this was evidence of an organized and concerted effort “to infiltrate the victim’s life in order to effectively and criminally harass her.”[1]

Mr. L was convicted of criminal harassment and sentenced to 2-years-less-a-day imprisonment, followed by 3-years’ probation, additional orders included a prohibition from alcohol and drugs, a prohibition from being in a certain region, no contact with the victim and several other people, and a firearms prohibition.[2]

Also see: [2001] 50 WCB (2d) 270 (ONSC); [2000] OTC 901 (ONSC).

[1] [2001] OJ No 2053 at para 44.
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Criminal Offence(s): Criminal Harassment