2001 BCCA 462

In 2001 BCCA 462, Mr. G appealed his conviction of six counts of various sexual offences involving teenage boys spanning between the 1970’s to 1990’s.

Mr. L was 13-14 years old when Mr. G, who assisted in running the music and gymnastics programs at the boarding school, sexually touched him. Mr. L reported it to the headmaster.

Mr. R was 14 years old when he began an 8 year-long sexual relationship with Mr. G. Mr. R was having family problems and sometimes lived with Mr. G. Mr. R’s foster mother overheard phone calls between them and reported the relationship. Mr. R did try to extort Mr. G for money during the trial.

Mr. A was 14 when he left home and began hitchhiking. He was picked up by Mr. G and began spending time at his home, where they developed a sexual relationship over many months.

Due to multiple errors in law by the trial judge, a new trial was ordered on all counts except for the sexual assault of Mr. R for which Mr. G was acquitted given insufficient evidence.

Criminal Offence(s): Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Assault