[1997] OJ No 534 (ONCJ)

In [1997] OJ No 534 (ONCJ), Mr. T was charged with making harassing calls to his father-in-law in order to reach his estranged wife. His wife had moved in with her parents after staying in a shelter with her children. The charge was made out even though the calls were meant to har-ass his wife but were received by her father who was the complainant in this case. Mr. T also claimed he had lawful reason to call regarding access to his child, but his wife did not want to alter their access arrangement. The court held that he could have left a note or asked her to call back rather than make the repeated calls. The police had told him to stop calling her par-ents’ house. He had called 135 times over a two-week period.

Mr. T appealed the conviction, but it was dismissed.


Criminal Offence(s): Harassing Communications